Saturday, November 29, 2008


Society has given a lot to each and everyone of us and there is a time when it is our turn to give it back something. Service in terms of material assistance is possible for anyone who is able and has the will to do it. As students, I always thought the best thing to do is to spread your wisdom to the younger ones who need it. This post is about a movement taken up by the Rotaractors of College of Engineering, Guindy, Anna University. This event, aptly named "Vizhithiru" is organized every year in the early months of the academic year. This was started with the motive of aiding students of chennai in facing their competitive examinations. Over the years, the club thought it is more meaningful to help students who are not well equipped and informed about the career options after school. The event thus started focussing on government corporation schools as well. Here is the link to the news article about this year's event.

Proud of you juniors!! Keep it up!!

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Hemanth said...

Kudos to the juniors!