Friday, November 21, 2008

Learning more than I thought..

Its been over five months here at Chennai. Every day I spend at the office at Amazon, I add atleast one valuable thing to my life. Amazon Chennai office is pretty small having about hardly 80 engineers. And yeah, each one of them is different, interesting and unique. I can write a big book about the whole office but I am yet to discover a lot of people! If a camera is placed at my office and the daily events are recorded, I am sure it ll overtake the famous F.R.I.E.N.D.S!

So here I list some of the things that I learnt from different people in this office so far.

Talk and Do what proves right to your mind. Any concern, do not hesitate to raise when it is right to. Argument - if you feel it will do good, boldly argue! If you feel like singing with the headphones on, please do it. Its raining cats and dogs.. its beautiful outside.. feel like taking ur lap top, and working in Coffee Day? Or Have a walk in the rain? Go! Experience the fun in doing what you wanted to!

Knowledge is wealth - learn learn learn - from whoever it may be. Try to know everything about something interesting you come across. Be it trecking, be it physics, be it music, be it books, be it internet! Talk about what you know, know about what others talk. Be energetic and enthusiastic about experimenting. You think you have full bucket of water already? Try sharing it with others, they might have oceans hidden somewhere for you to pick up.

Wit is nice:) Enjoy being humourous. Appreciate and enjoy the company of the witty ones. Adds few years to your life. Try to make the environment lighter. It gives a lot of energy.

Learn to admire everything - smartness, shyness, intelligence, blush, humour, music and what not. Rather, try to find the beauty in everyone, life will look great. Have an open mind. Spread a positive aura.

Never give a 'stranger' feeling to a stranger. Make anyone feel home when they are around. Basically means you should always be at ease and feel at home with people around you. After all, we spend 8 active hours of the day with people at office. We are 'living' together, we are not 'co-existing'!

There are so many to be added to this list.. To be continued as I learn everyday!


Prasanna said...

The climax was nice :-)

Shanmugam said...
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Shanmugam said...

Enjoyed reading and nice one. Well written :-)

Deepali Singla said...

Amazing, Ush!
Very nicely written and so very true. I am inspired to learn.

Palani said...

Fun to read, spread more fun writing.