Wednesday, December 31, 2008


It is time for a new beginning after a wonderful year. 2008 was a very significant year for me. Everyday was a great learning experience. Yes, I have become a much better person since last December 31st. This year has brought many of the sweet things to light. I wonder how seamlessly I could realize some of the real big secrets of 'living'. In every person I came across I learnt to see the unique beauty in their character, appreciate and admire the goodness in each. Life started to be really beautiful as this year progressed.. Yes, Life is beautiful:)
I am sure the next year is going to be another memorable journey. It is time to thank everyone who was there for me. Here's wishing a great year for every little heart around. Thanks a ton for all your precious company, support, advice, care and love:).

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A wonderful trip!

Last weekend was a great experience for me. I had to travel to Bangalore for a dentist appointment(yeah, my dentist is in Bangalore!) by train. Usually for these dentist visits, I take the night trains on friday and sunday, spend the weekend at my relative's place there. This time, fortunately, tickets were not available in the night trains, and I took the passenger train on saturday morning.

My onward journey was by Brindavan express, which usually departs at 7 am. So I started from home at ten to 6 and reached the station well ahead. After school days, seeing dawn has always been a rare occasion. I had a quick flash of my school day memories when I saw the rising sun with cold wind blowing. Those were the days when I felt I satisfied everyone around me and it was very simple to do so:). Coincidence, I met one of my college juniors in the train. We met after quite sometime, so had stuff to share. Certain conversations are not long, not deep, but give a nice feeling inside, beyond just joy. Mine with my junior that day was one of that kind. Thanks Sudha for your nice company on saturday!!

The return journey was an awesome one, again by the same train. Though the whole compartment was full of people, vendors and kids, I did'nt speak more than 5 words(that too with the TTE) in the long journey of six and a half hours. I put on my mp3 player and was into my favorite music soon as the train started from Bangalore. Thankfully mine was a window seat, I was quietly watching everything outside. It was the best weather one can expect on a train journey. It is in such times when one would observe the self to the fullest. I could sense my face expressions and smiles that came out for every song that was playing. I saw a storm of thoughts flowing in mind, few were memories, few were dreams. I could feel that all of them are being evaluated in background and some move out of the pipe. I laughed at myself when the monkey mind tried to come back to some 'same old' stuff. To be precise, I saw myself very well:).

If it was any other normal sunday, I would have spent time reading a book or watching a movie or spending time with my parents. I consider this as a rare experience that I had got and I definitely should document it. Thanks to my dentist, I get such wonderful trips!!