Sunday, April 26, 2009

Why so serious..

I was chatting with a friend after a long time. He is one of the most efficient people I have met. He was leading a charming team in college which proved itself in accomplishing commendable work every year. It is about three years since he went to the US for higher studies. He mentioned casually on chat - "things became serious, too many responsibilities now a days". I didnt think about this statement much at that moment. This statement from a person who did amazing amount of multitasking, was responsible for big social events besides being a good academic performer! I am observing this with more people. Why is it so? Why was college so much easier with less comfort and more duties as compared to a corporate life? The amount of food and sleep I had as a hosteler was much less than what I have today. Why are people becoming more serious? why are things considered hard responsibilities? This is my interpretation - As students, whatever was done was with full involvement, with no expectations. "Do it for the fun of doing it" - that's a student's way. If it is possible as a student, why not after that?


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Prashanth said...

Possibly because college shields you from many monetary responsibilities. And fight it as much as you want, but money does make the world go around :-).