Wednesday, December 31, 2008


It is time for a new beginning after a wonderful year. 2008 was a very significant year for me. Everyday was a great learning experience. Yes, I have become a much better person since last December 31st. This year has brought many of the sweet things to light. I wonder how seamlessly I could realize some of the real big secrets of 'living'. In every person I came across I learnt to see the unique beauty in their character, appreciate and admire the goodness in each. Life started to be really beautiful as this year progressed.. Yes, Life is beautiful:)
I am sure the next year is going to be another memorable journey. It is time to thank everyone who was there for me. Here's wishing a great year for every little heart around. Thanks a ton for all your precious company, support, advice, care and love:).


aish said...

Sounds like a miss Universe speech akka :D
A very happy new yr to u :)

Vidhya said...

happy new yr usha! I think life is always beautiful. It's just that at times we fail to see and appreciate its beauty and let the bad overtake the good.

sudha said...

that was a really cute way to welcome 2009! :) wish u a very happy new year!